In 2012, as I reworked an image of a graphite box (a storage space for the human soul), an “aha” moment occurred. The box that I had been obsessed with for the past 16 years, this storage house of information of consciousness was really about the internet. Upon realizing this an investigation into the internet occurred and subsequently a 12 piece body of work unfolded. Essentially,this body of work is an exploration of how the “cloud” relates to consciousness.

The structure of each painting is the same. The internet, a box shape placed in the center of the composition is surrounded by elements from the physical world extending to the borders of the canvas. The paintings are filled with symbolism pertaining to the subject matter explored. Realistic rendering of shapes surrounding the box then become broken down into bits and bytes of information within the box/internet area. The subject matter ranges from technology companies to objects in nature. For example, “Eucalyptus” is the cloud company that created the platform for Amazon. “Blue” references IBM, “Halo” the popular video game, “The Purple Project” Apple’s name for the IPhone’s secret project.


Sold DotTemplates of the Human Soul
Graphite and Acrylic on Canvas
4' x 5'
Template Series - Finding Spirit in the Cloud
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